Skin Care Analysis Quiz

What Skin Care should you be using? Answer the following questions.

1. What is your biggest concern with your skin?

   a. Most skin care that I’ve used in the past causes a reaction.

  b. I’ve got really dry skin.

  c. I want a skin care line that really deep cleans my face.

 d. I’m aging and want something to help with dryness and fine lines.


2. Which scent do you love the most?

  a. Lavender

  b. Rose

  c. Coffee

  d. Earthy Frankincense


3. How would you best describe your skin?

  a. Sensitive

  b. Dry with possible Rosacea

  c. Excess oil on the forehead, nose and chin

  d. Mature/“smart skin”


4. What would you say is your skin needs?

  a. Acne control

  b. Calming Rosacea

  c. Oil absorption

  d. Help with fine lines


5. What do you want your skin to feel like after your ritual?

  a. Calmed down

  b. Thoroughly moisturized

  c. Awakened

  d. Firmed


If you answered mostly...

A, we suggest our Lavender Skin Care

B, we suggest our Rose Skin Care

C, we suggest our Latté Skin Care

D, we suggest our Sage Skin Care