Here are some commonly asked questions by our customers:

Q. How do you say your name?

ON-kore-gan-ix, like the word, "encore" plus "ganix." Ontko is Christie's last name. It's her father's father's last name. He was born in Slovakia. She wanted to honor her ancestor's with this name and also pull the energy of both sides of her family into the business and products. (Her mother's grandmother was the original creator of Gramma's Salve.) SO...she is honoring BOTH sides of the family! 

Q. Why does my product have a "gritty" feeling to it?

We use top-quality and organic shea butter. Due to heat, cooling, shipping, carrying the products in your purse, etc. a chemical change can occur and this can make crystal-like granules. This will not affect the product/property. Just use your body heat to massage the butter completely into the skin. It's fun to feel the little granules "pop" when applied. 

Q. What are the herbs and plants you use and why?

Lavender: Antioxidant, which helps prevent further damage/aging to the skin. Healing, calming and great for anti-acne. The scent is also very soothing and this can help promote better sleep.

Shavegrass/Horsetail: Nature's anti-aging herb. Skin-Tightening. It naturally contains “silicon,” a trace mineral that helps the skin repair and build collagen. As we age, we lose collagen and horsetail can help rebuild this.

Chamomile: Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, and an antioxidant. It's hypoallergenic and helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals. 

Calendula: Sunburn care. Found in our Sunburn Soother.

Rose: An antioxidant, which helps prevent further damage/aging to the skin. Helpful for Rosacea and other redness on the skin. It's moisturizing and filled with Vitamin C. An uplifting scent can help alter bad moods. 

Coffee beans: Another antioxidant, which helps prevent future damage/aging to the skin. The scent is awakening and for those who love the smell of coffee, then this is the product line for you. We've also noticed a tightening affect when using and a slight drying out affect, also. 

Q. What's infusion?

Many companies use essential oils. So do we! However, our claim to fame is that we put the entire herb/plant into the carrier oils we use i.e.: Sunflower Oil, Jojoba, and Kukui Nut Oil. Then we infuse using heat and time before finally removing the herb/plant. We think if you only use Essential Oils, you don't get the same color, consistency or full properties of the herbs/plants. Infusing is like eating an entire baked potato - skin and all!

Q. How long after I order will I get my great stuff?

Because we make our products in small batches (to ensure quality!) it may take up to 2 weeks for your order to appear. 

Q. Since you don't use chemical preservation, how long will my stuff last?

Our products are meant to be used the moment you buy them! Don't "save"  - USE! You wouldn't covet an organic apple or organic lettuce, you'd eat it! It's sorta' like that with our stuff. And, we want you to KEEP WATER OUT of our products and use only clean fingertips when dipping into the jars/tins. Water and dirt from your fingers can feed bacteria and other yucky things. Our balms and serums can last 6-12 months, but our Daydreams, Clay Cleansers, Coffee Scrubs, and A Little Latte' For Eyes should be used within two months of first use. Refrigeration will help keep the products longer. However, if you ever see any growth, a change in scent, or the product changes color, it's probably better to be safe than sorry. Throw it away! Good stuff expires, just like your organic groceries.