How to Use our Organic Remedies

 OntkOrganix works! Earth-friendly, Gluten-free, Chemical-free. Tested only on husbands & friends & our stuff smells amazing!!! Because our products are organic, you should use them within 3-6 months after opening. Refrigerate for longevity.

Gramma’s Salve

This is meant to be used for medicinal purposes. It’s a German drawing salve. NOT to be used on deep cuts, on the lips or internally. It contains camphor, so it’s not suitable for children under two.

1.    minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises

2.    achy arthritic joints

3.    splinters

4.    bug bites

5.    calm eczema 

6.    calm bumpy rashes


Lavender Balm

This is meant to be used daily. Our family has many, many uses for this. Remember, a little goes a LONG way. 

1.    dry skin

2.    nails

3.    feet

4.    heels

5.    baby bottoms

6.    itchy doggies

7.    itchy spots on a human

8.    itcy rashes

9.    dry/curly hair

10.  lips

11.  removes eye makeup


Lip Fix

This is to be used daily on the lips. It contains Shea Butter, so don’t be surprised when little tiny gritty-like balls appear. It hasn’t gone bad, just know it’s got GOOD stuff inside and the heat of your body will allow them to soften and do their healing work. 


Shea Butter Balm

This product is similar to lavender balm, but with a citrus scent instead of lavender. Its main use is to add moisture to dry hands and feet. The healing properties of this product are great, with added Shea Butter, however, it won’t have the anti-itch properties of the Lavender Balm.  NOT to be used on dogs or babies due to the citrus essential oils inside.

1.    dry skin

2.    nails

3.    feet

4.    heels

5.    dry/curly hair