How to Use our Organic Skin Care

OntkOrganix works! Whether it's a concern about skin sensitivity, rosacea, acne or fine lines, our Organic Skin Care leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky and refreshed. And, you'll feel good about using our stuff because it's Earth-friendly, Gluten-free, Chemical-free. Tested only on husbands & friends & smells amazing!!!  Because our Skin Care products are organic, you should use them within 1-3 months. Refrigeration is recommended.


Step 1. Clay Cleanser

Simply add about a nickel-sized amount to your dry face. Remove with a warm washcloth. Removes makeup, too!


Step 2. Toner

Spritz 3-4 times roughly 12 inches away from the face. This resets the pH levels on the skin, balancing everything out. This crucial step allows the moisturizers to do their work.


Step 3. Daydream / Maui Magic Morning 

Use a dime-sized amount of Daydream & massage into your beautiful skin. Bedtime routine: Place 2-3 drops of the Maui Magic onto your fingertips & massage into your skin, using light, circular motions. (Some, however, like to use both products, one after the other.)


Step 4. Midnight in Madagascar

Best used before bedtime, (after Maui Magic) because vanilla helps induce restful sleep. Just a dab'll do ya.'