Meet Team OntkOrganix

Lori manages our creations in Maui and specifically helps with Da Balm products all over the great state of Hawaii. An animal lover, former chef to Hollywood Stars, and a woman with an AMAZING green thumb, Lori enjoys her island life on Maui immensely. Snuggling with hubby Ron is one her past times, as well as volunteering to help protect the Honu (sea turtles) off the shores of Maui. Paddling on the ocean is a way for Lori to connect with the sea creatures that she cares so much about. When she's there, she feels most at home. "Save the Reefs!!" says Lori. This is Lori and hubby Ron after a delicious Thanksgiving Meal, which they hosted. DELICIOUS!!! Mahalo you two lovebirds!lori-and-ron.jpg








Anne lovingly creates OntkOrganix products and is amaaazing with distribution of our mainland markets in Ohio and beyond. This busy lady doesn't often have "spare time," but she does take a few moments during the morning to take in the views of her family farm out of her large back window. She keeps very busy with her three children, two of whom are in college, and is often found at a swim meet for one of her two sons. (Lavender Balm is her family's BFF because of all that chlorine!) Besides her hilarious husband Scott, sailing is her love and if she had more time to sail, she would. Maybe in the future Anne will sail away on a boat and come to Maui? 




Natalie is our bookkeeper and is hyper-intelligent with numbers, thank goodness, because the others in our team are NOT! Where would we be without her help with all number stuff? When not working the math for us, she is a loving mom to two strong and amazing daughters. (She also happens to be little sister to Christie.) Natalie has been a member of our US Air Force and is still very much involved with service to our country as a military wife a Colonel! WOOHOO! Go Steve!!! Natalie has traveled all over the world and has sacrificed much to be a part of a military family, for that and so much else, we are grateful. 

(Picture coming soon!)


Christie, our owner, continues to create from both Put-in-Bay and Maui for distribution all over the world. She is passionate about helping your family and the planet. When not in her gardens cutting lavender, drying mint or cultivating jewelweed, she can be found in her laboratory mixing up new exhilarating concoctions. Her daughters Anna and Meredith continue to give her inspiration, as well as her husband, Cliff, who is a willing test subject for new products. Snuggling with her cats Charlie and Stanley, as well as visiting her backyard chickens brings her lots of joy. Living in Maui for three winters, continues to bring inspiration.