Our Organic Story


Family Inspired. That’s why I first created OntkOrganix products. I wanted better for them.

When my oldest daughter, Anna got sick over a decade ago, this was my wake-up call. I did my research, as any crazy love-filled mom would do. I started reading ingredient labels and researched about each and every one of them. I was appalled at what was inside of our food! Then, onto the cleaning and body and skin care products, oh boy... 

I began shopping smarter, but still many “natural” products contained questionable preservatives and fillers.

Then, a few years ago, I decided to make my OWN stuff. Safer. Organic with no chemical preservation. I first made a product that our family had used for generations on Put-in-Bay called Gramma’s Salve.❤️ My Great-Grandmother had made this for our family for years, then passed it onto her daughter, and then to me. Next, using lavender from my island garden I developed Lavender Balm. Now, over 40 products have been created for the OntkOrganix family. From mine to yours. Happy healthier living! Love, Christie Ontko (AKA Fulton & Engel)